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This program offers employers access to a pool of eager recent graduates. It simplifies recruitment by providing interns with budding skills and fresh perspectives. These individuals bring innovative ideas and a dynamic approach, enriching teams despite their limited professional experience.

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The national internship portal provides a unique opportunity for both students and employers to connect and collaborate. For students, it is an invaluable resource to gain hands-on experience in their chosen fields and unlock their potential. They can discover and apply to a wide range of internship programs from top companies and industry leaders, building their professional network and finding the perfect match for their skills and interests. For employers, the portal offers access to a pool of highly skilled and motivated interns, streamlining the recruitment process and providing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to strengthen their teams.

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Internship Program Objectives

The program is open to all Rwandan fresh graduates from HLIs, TVET (IPRCs) in Rwanda or from abroad, in need of employability skills and professional experience.

To equip interns with practical skills that are required to facilitate the transition between schools to the labor market.

Re-inforce the Rwandan graduates’ practical capacity by linking theoretical skills to the practice.

Develop professionalism, communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.

Create positive work ethics amongst youth- effective work competences and employability skills for workforce development.

CHelp gain valuable experience, increasing marketability after internship.

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With the national internship portal, students and employers alike can benefit from a collaborative and dynamic platform that supports career development and success.

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